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  • The benefits of learning and training to be a Judo player includes:
  • An ideal form of physical exercise
  • A great cardiovascular workout, improving stamina, general health and overall fitness.
  • Improved physical strength as a direct result of trying to control and dictate the movement of the opponent and as well as enhanced power;
  • Improved flexibility, balance and posture,
  • Developing co-ordination reflexes together with mental reaction time.
  • Judo has many moral benefits that are a direct result of the transition from martial art to what Kano termed "Do" or "way of life".
  • Kano developed a strict code of ethics and a humanitarian philosophy.
  • His Judo instructors and students were expected to be outstanding examples of good character and honest conduct. Combat outside of the training hall or behaviour that brought shame to the school would lead to suspension or even expulsion.
  • Kano's ultimate concern for the well being of both the individual and the community is reflected in his teaching methods and one of Judo's guiding principles is "mutual benefit and prosperity".
  • Kano believed that the diligent practice of Judo should lead to the realization that one could not progress at the expense of others; only mutual prosperity offered the key to any real progress in human life


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