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2022 - 2023 Insurance Certificate of Currency


Judo Queensland Fees

Current Schedule of Fees

This is the current list of items and memberships available from Judo Queensland.
Schedule of Fee for 2021


Corona Virus Policy

Corona Virus policy


Active clubs Kickstart registration form

As at April 2021, this is the form to use to register your club for your members to be able to access the Kictstart funding.

Register your Club for Kickstart


Kyu Grade Order Form


Tournament Application Form

This is the first step to getting your event up and running. Please complete this form and return it to JFA(Q) at least 8 weeks before your nominated event date.

Download Tournament Application Form


Tournament Summary form

The completed form is to be returned to JFA(Q) on the completion of your event

Download Tournament Summary Form

Pre Tournament Assessment Form  

 The completed form is to be returned to JFA(Q) with your tournament application form

Download Pre Tournament Assessment


JFA(Q) Injury Report Form

This form is to be complete for any injuries that occur during your event. The completed form is to be returned to JFA(Q) on the completion of your event

Injury Incident Report form (JQ)

JFA(Q) Concussion Management Information

JA Concussion Management Policy

Officials' Registration Form

On the day of your event, please have all officials sign this form. The completed form is to be returned to JFA(Q) once your event has been completed

 Download Officials' Registration Form


New Club Affiliation form

New Club Affiliation application


 Strength and Conditioning Phsychology Info JQ for Coaches 

Strength & Conditioning JQ 2020-21

Sports Phsychology Pack JQ 2020-21


High Performance Strength and Conditioning Information JA 

Aerobic Fitness for Judo J.A. Doc

Minimum Fitness Targets for Australian Cadet Judo Athletes J.A. Doc

Sample Junior Introductory Strength and Conditioning Program JA Doc


JQ Sporting Code verson 2.0 Approved 23 June 22




BrandingJudo Queensland Logo

Judo Queensland logo

This is the official version of the logo to be incorporated in advertising and merchandising material.
Click to download Judo Queensland logo
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