Strength and Conditioning Sports Pack Resources, Sports Phsychology prepared by Sebastian Murphy Southern Qld State Coach, 

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Strength & Conditioning JQ 2020-21


James Grafton Champion Health discussion on Strength Endurance Fatigue and weight

James Grafton Champion Health Training and Endurance in Judo


Sports Nutritionist Rebecca Disher - How to maximise nutrition in isolation

Rebecca Disher Nutriton advise and explanations for our weight related sport


Alexander Ludeke Info session - Training methods and developing young Judoka 

Alexander Ludeke Training methods and developing Young Judoka


Alexander Ludeke Breaks down Tinka Easton (AUS) Fight 

Break down fight (AUS) Tinka Easton Luxembourg National Coach


No Limits Judo Information Session Autism Coaching Principles 

No Limits Judo Information Session Cliff Illingsworth


James Moran Information session - Training approach for Comp recovery Pre-hab, Re-hab

James Moran Training approach for Comp recovery prehab/rehab


On-line do's and don'ts links Smart phone links. 

On-line do's and don'ts guidelines Video Sports posts

Smart phone tips and trick for filming Sports videos