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So that all referees may have the opportunity to gain experience and higher levels of appointment, the Referees Commission is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that suitable courses and practical opportunities are provided to all JFA(Q) members interested in becoming involved in refereeing. Likewise, the Commission has the responsibility of conducting examinations at appropriate times and locations to encourage members to achieve higher levels of appointment and/or enhancement of existing knowledge:

Referees commission roles

Queensland Referees

List of Referees - March 2024

State ‘C’ Referee Basic Knowledge for Examination

Please complete the Emerging State C referee exam (Judo Australia)

Please e-mail the completed test to the Referee Chair Lorivaldo Paz Landim Junior at E-mail


IJF Refereeing rules updated

Commencing January 2018, a detailed explanation of the rules that apply from 2018 to 2020

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IJF Sport and Organisational Rules (2024)

IJF SOR version 12.03.2024 Appendix D Referee Rules


Referees Promotion criteria

The attached document outlines the criteria to be met before promotion to a higher level can be achieved

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Referee Accreditation Framework

Referee Accreditation Framework - State Licences


IJF Rule clarification

IJF Referee Rule Clarification for the 2022-2024 period.

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Explanatory Guide Judo Refereeing Rules Version 19 Low Res - 25.03.2023 - ENG


Refereeing videos

IJF New Olympic Cycle 2022-2024 video

European Judo Union - Referee Webinar  (link for videos presented at the recent 2024 EJU/IJF Refereeing and Coaching seminar in Gyor, Hungary.

IJF Refereeing & Coaching Seminar 2024 (Hungary) - Day 1

IJF Refereeing & Coaching Seminar 2024 (Hungary) - Day 2


Sporting Code approved 4 August 2020

Judo Australia Sporting Code (March-2024)



Judo Referee Basic Manual

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