Governance Documents

Asada Liaison Roles

The Judo Federation of Australia (Queensland) Inc. is required to adopt a management approach focusing on education and counselling in addressing the use of illicit or prescription drugs as well as inappropriate behaviour interfering with an athlete’s ability to perform at their optimum level in the competitive arena.

 Asada Liaison Roles


Drugs Misuse Protection Officer Roles and functions

The sport of Judo has been a regular activity in the Olympic Games for over 50 years and World Championships have been conducted for almost 60 years under the guidance and direction of the International Judo Federation. As such, the Judo Federation of Australia (Queensland) Inc. aims to deter the use of illicit drugs with all players to ensure fairness, respect, responsibility and safety in line with the Australian Sports Commission Drugs in Sport Policy. These principles are also in conjunction with the JFA(Q) Codes of Conduct and/or Behaviour.

 Drugs Misuse Protection Officer Roles and functions


Governance Commission Roles

Governance concerns three key issues: 

  1. How the organisation develops strategic goals and direction 
  2. How the management committee monitors performance to ensure it achieves these strategic goals, has effective systems in place and complies with its legal and regulatory obligations 
  3. Ensures that the Management Committee acts in the best interests of the members. 


The Governance, Planning, Finance and Risk Management Sub-committee has been introduced 

by the Management Committee of the JFA(Q) Inc. to provide a formal process that supports good 

leadership and decision-making, and ensures sound and effective governance

 Governance Commission Roles


JFAQ Strategic Plan

Current Strategic Plan for use by Club's to assist in the planning and development of their activities.

 Download the JFAQ Strategic Plan 2017-19



Member Protection

The Judo Queensland Member Protection Policy aims to assist Judo Queensland to uphold its core values and create a safe, fair and inclusive environment for everyone associated with our sport.

It sets out our commitment to ensure that every person involved in our sport is treated with respect and dignity and protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse. It also aims that everyone involved in our sport is aware of their legal and ethical rights and responsibilities, as well as the standards of behaviour expected of them.

Download Member Protection Policy

Download JFAQ MMP Policy Adoption Letter



Should you need the service of the MPIO, please contact:

Meladee Stackpoole

Darryl Keys



Association Rules

These rules are effectively the constitution under which the JFAQ operates. Such rules as membership, club affiliation, rules of management, board meetings and many other issues are covered.

 Download Association Rules 



Judo Queensland Annual General Meeting Minutes

Download Judo Qld Board Minutes - AGM 2021

Download Judo Qld Board Minutes - AGM 2020

Download Judo Qld Board Minutes - AGM 2019

Download Judo Qld Board Minutes - AGM 2017

Download Judo Qld Board Minutes - AGM 2016

Download Judo Qld Board Minutes - AGM 2015



Judo Queensland President's Report

Download Chairman's Report – 2018

Download President's Report – 2016

Download President's Report – 2015



Judo Queensland By-Laws are approved by JFAQ Board

Download Judo Queensland By-Laws