Grading Resources 

Please vist the Judo Australia website for the current grading policy.

To Record Competition and Service points

Dan Grade Points Table 

Dan Grade Points Table 20012020

Senior Kyu Grades Points Table

Senior Kyu Grades Points Table pdf.


Junior Grades Promotion Pathways & Senior Kyu Grades 


Junior Grades Promotion

Junior Grading Promotion Pdf.

Senior Kyu Grades Promotion

Senior Kyu Grades Promotion pdf.


Approved Kata Links (Judo Qld Grades and Kata Committee) 


World Championship Kata's Judo 

World Championship Kata's Judo

Nage no kata:

Nage No Kata

Katame no kata:

Katame No Kata Link

Kodokan Goshin Jutsu No Kata 

Goshin Jutsu No Kata

Kime no kata:

Kime No Kata

Ju no kata:

Juno Kata Link

Koshiki no kata: (Part 1)

Koshiki No Kata (Part 1)

Koshiki No Kata (Part 2)

Koshiki No Kata (Part 2)

Itsuzu no kata:

Itsuzu No Kata



Dan Grade Applications


Judo Queensland Dan Progression Pathway 

Dan Grade Pathway Flow Chart

Time in rank requirements

Time in Rank Requirements

Veterans Competition Pathway

Veterans Competition Pathway pdf. 

Kata Competition Pathway

Kata Competition Pathway pdf.

Dan Grade Application form Sho Dan to San Dan 

Application Form - 1st Dan to 3rd Dan Grading

Current JFA form to be used when making an application for Sho to San Dan.

Sho Dan Grade Criteria for grading 

Sho Dan Criteria for grading Pdf.

Ni Dan Grade Criteria for grading 

Ni Dan Criteria for grading Download

San Dan Grade Critera for grading 

San Dan Criteria to grading PDF

Yon Dan Criteria for grading 

Yon Dan Criteria for Grading

Go Dan Critera for Grading 

Go Dan Criteria for Grading

Yon Dan and Go Dan Grading Application form JA 

Application Form - 4th Dan to 5th Dan Grading

Dan Grade Application Master Grades

Current JFA form to be used when making an application for Masters.

Application form for Master Grades



Fees and Certificates

General Information

Cost of Judo Federation of Australia only certificate: $100 

Cost of International Judo Federation certificate: $250.00 

Cost for a JFA and IJF certificate: $350.00 

Ratification of a grade received outside Australia: $50.00



Judo Queensland Bank details for payment of fee: 

Bank: Suncorp
BSB: 484 799
Acc No: 502009706 

Reference: Your Name


Grading Certificate Order Form

 Kyu Grade certificate order form