Step 1/9: Let's get started
Step 1/9: Let's get started


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Judo Queensland welcomes you and values your participation.

Become A Judo Queensland MemberWe aim for the best use of energy to create stronger judo players and people, clubs more able to offer something for everyone, and a unique experience to people in all Queensland communities.

There are many benefits included in joining the world wide judo movement in Queensland. Some of the most popular for players and parents are:

  • getting fit and strong, and learning how to keep balance and protect yourself in falling and sporting contact situations
  • having some great experiences at the club and events 
  • learning self defence, 
  • finding out how to apply yourself and how good you can be in a sport competition appropriate to one's age and standard
  • learning some great skills for life like how to get along, and respect for yourself and others
  • learning about Japanese martial arts culture
  • having a qualified and supportive coach guide your learning
  • insurance, access to discount uniforms, world recognised belt grades, and other resources available through a State and national government funded organisation
  • competition pathway leading to the Olympic games
  • Please keep on keeping in touch through our web site and face book and our events.

Best wishes

Judo Queensland