New Coaches October 22

Published Tue 04 Oct 2022

Last Saturday 1/10/2022 a Coach judo course was held at Shin GI Tai judo club, the morning's theory session was well received with plenty of input from all of the participants, I was impressed with the knowledge and understanding of various components of the sessions by the participants and also the willingness to share that knowledge. Judo Qld is fortunate to have coaches with a high level of knowledge and understanding of judo. 

The referee’s session which included the updated (IJF Olympic games cycle referee rules 2022/2024) is always a topic that raises many questions.

Thank you Srdjan for giving clarification and explanation to the questions asked by the participants.  

The practical session especially a couple of the judo-based children’s games were challenging and physically demanding but also a lot of fun. The technical competence {Nage/Katame waza} demonstrated by all was a high standard. 

A special thank you to Andrea Johnstone from Judo Australia who attended the course as an observer and who gave an update on the future development of CAF courses in 2023. 


Ross Kiepe
CAF Chairperson