Elite Athletes Committee EOI

Published Fri 30 Sep 2022

As part of the buildup to the 2032 Olympic games in Brisbane and beyond, Judo Queensland is committed to the promotion and support of Queensland’s elite Judoka. With the goal of supporting an increased number of Judo Queensland representatives at the elite global competition level including (but not limited to) Commonwealth and Olympic Games, Judo Queensland is standing up a new sub-committee for the development and support of Elite Athletes. The sub-committee will operate in alignment with the current JQ State Team and Events committees, as well as Judo Australia and the Combat Centre.

This expression of interest link is to invite club and community members to volunteer for a role to actively develop and participate in the activities of this new sub-committee. The sub-committee will be empowered to make recommendations for change, in alignment with the Judo Queensland strategy, as well as actively supporting and championing our elite athletes through advocacy and awareness.

We are looking for members with some or all of the following experience and background:

  • Networks within the State, National and Global Judo and broader sporting community.
  • Experience training and competing at the elite level.
  • An understanding of the issues relating to elite athlete development and representation at the international level.
  • Ability to provide calculated opinions in group discussions at committee meetings.

Keen to get involved? Great! Please submit your expression of interest via this online form including a brief (1-2 paragraphs) background of why you're interested and why you think you'd be a great team member of the committee. Thank you for your interest and commitment to the sport of Judo!