Sunshine Coast Grading Preparation Course
Sat 06 Apr 2024 09:00 — Sun 21 Apr 2024 15:00
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Registrations for this event are closed.

A program of 3 intensive sessions will be delivered prior to the Dan (Black Belt) grading in South-East Queensland by members of the Grades and Kata Sub Committees.

Single sessions are also available for green belts and above and interested coaches.

Presented by Grades and Kata Sub Committees members who have been upgrading their skills over the last 5 years at IJF coach and OJU and Kodokan kata courses.

The aim of these sessions is to:

• Increase candidates’ confidence

• Increase candidate success rate

• Outline specific grading expectations

• Provide on-the-spot feedback and advice for technical improvement

• Examine candidates progressively against the relevant grading criteria during the course

*Please note that if you are looking to grade applications must be completed and emailed to: or registered online

Registration 1st- 3rd dan

Registration 4th dan and above

**Please make sure you register and pay before the session you wish to attend. Cash on the day will not be accepted.